Webinar UNIGATE - 讲英语

由于COVID-19的原因,我们的面对面活动目前没有举行。我们希望以虚拟的形式为您提供我们久经考验的研讨会 "UNIGATE® - 实施与编程"。因此,我们试图实施一个数字化的适应性实施。


  • 网络研讨会(持续时间约1小时)或
  • 互动式网络研讨会,例如关于Deutschmann脚本语言或UNIGATE® CL的配置。(时间约为2小时)


Agenda - interactive webinar

Start 9:00 a.m.
Block 1

  • Software Tool 'Protocol Developer' - Structure of the program, syntax, online help, sample scripts, etc.
  • Creation of a sample script for transparent data exchange and simple RS protocol

Block 2

  • 'Switching to another bus made easy' - Adapt existing scripts to a different bus system
  • Tips and Tricks - Consider several bus systems in one script, map different products with different configurations in one script, etc.

Block 3

  • Implementation of the UNIGATE in your own hardware:What needs to be considered, direct implementation, design of a carrier board, etc.
  • Characteristics of a bus system - on different buses the parameters are looked at individually. Which are different and which have to be taken into account in script programming.


End approx. 10:30 p.m


Deutschmann Hardware

For interactive webinars on the script language (all products) or the configuration of the protocol converter series UNIGATE® CL we recommend you the following products from Deutschmann:

  • 1 Developer Kit UNIGATE® IC-AB und UNIGATE® IC (specify bus variant)


  • 1 Starter Kit UNIGATE® CL (specify bus variant)

You can order them from us. At the moment, you have to calculate a delivery time of 2-3 weeks.
If you already have products available, please send us the serial numbers so that our support can check whether they are suitable for the webinar requirements.

Deutschmann Software

Before the webinar appointment, please install and check the software we have provided:

  • Protocol Developer
  • Starter Kit-Software
  • Script-Progam-Tool

Note: We only support Windows 7 and Windows 10.

The Developer Kit or Starter Kit comes with a USB serial adapter. Please only use this type. It is released with our tools.

If you have technical problems, our support team will be happy to assist you before the webinar appointment. During the webinar appointment, troubleshooting for any installation problems is not possible.


We use Microsoft Teams

There are two different ways to use Teams: locally with the app or via the web interface. To be able to use the full range of functions of the webinar, we recommend local installation.

  • You will receive an invitation link from us.
  • Please test the video and audio functionality of your PC when you receive the invitation link.