UNIGATE® CM CAN/CANopen to all Fieldbuses and Industrial Ethernet

  • Easy installation
  • Norm compliant
  • Ready-to-use
  • Easy configuration
  • Designed & manufactured in Germany

Easily configurable, ready-to-use CAN Gateway

UNIGATE CM Gateways connect CAN/CANopen-Participants to all Fieldbus- and Industrial Ethernet systems that are supported by Deutschmann.

With the Deutschmann developed Software WINGATE, the reliable components can be quickly and easily configured and immediately be put into operation. The compact IP20 module with dimensions of 23 mm x 115 mm x 100 mm can be easily mounted on the DIN rail.

Besides RS232, RS485 and RS422 standard interfaces, the UNIGATE CM CANopen Gateway has an additional CAN/CANopen interface with Mini-Master functionality. Hence, the gateways can connect both CANopen networks and individual CANopen devices into higher-level networks. Adaptation of the device-firmware is not necessary. After configuration of the parameters, the gateway is immediately ready for communication. The adjustable values are context-sensitive displayed, dependent on the selected function parameters.
Furthermore, for more complex tasks the module can be very flexibly programmed with the Deutschmann developed script language and the free of cost Software Tool 'Protocol Developer'.

Deutschmann optionally supplies the product pre-configured to customer specification, in different housing colors and with or without the customer logo.

UNIGATE CM - Overview

  • Available for the most fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet versions
  • CANopen (Master/Slave), CAN Layer 2 (11/29bit Identifier), RS232-, RS485- and RS422-interfaces on Board
  • Same design on the application-side in all bus versions
  • The fieldbus or Ethernet side meets the standards, respectively the standard market models
  • Brand Labeling
  • Adaptation of the terminal device firmware is dropped
  • Modern, slim, DIN rail
  • Same Dimensions in all bus variants
  • Wide voltage range from 10 to 33 VDC
  • Built-in isolation on the bus side 
  • Configuration of the module via configuration tool WINGATE
  • CANopen Mapping
  • CAN Layer 2 (11bit Identifier)
  • CAN Layer 2 (29bit Identifier)
  • Pre-configured according to the customer
  • Free programming with Protocol Developer (Deutschmann Script language)
  • Replica of proprietary protocols
  • Additional debug interface on board

Industrial Ethernet

  • Complete PROFINET IO Device interface (Slave)
  • Up to 1440 Bytes input- and 1440 Bytes output data
  • 100 Mbit/s full duplex 
  • 32-Bit micro processor for fast response time
  • Isolated PROFINET interface with 2x RJ45 connector 
  • Interated 2 port switch (e. g. daisy chaining)

Application CANopen/CAN

  • Complete CANopen respectively CAN layer 2 interface
  • CANopen master/slave functionality
  • Isolated CANopen respectively CAN layer 2 interface with 4-pin. terminal connection

Application serial

  • RS232/RS485/RS422 up to 520 kBaud

Technische Daten

(BxTxH in mm)

23 x 115 x 117 (screw-plug-connector included)
23 x 115 x 100 (screw-plug-connector not included)


approx. 160 g

Protection class IP20
Housing material Polyamid
Mounting DINrail (EN 50022)
Voltage supply 10 up to 33 Volt DC
Protection against incorrect polarity, short circuit and overload integrated
Current consumption (at +24V/DC) typ. 160mA, max. 200mA
Operating temperature -25°C (non condensing) up to +85°C
Storage/transport temperature -25°C ... +85°C
Certifications PI certified, CE



订货名称 描述 订货号
UNIGATE CM - PROFINET 2Port Hutschienenmodul - Gateway Serie CANopen auf Feldbusse und Ethernet - PROFINET 2Port Version. Schnittstellen RS232, RS485, RS422 on board. V3989