UNIGATE® FC Connectable Multi-Protocol-Module

  • Norm compliant
  • Certifizied
  • Programmable
  • Designed & manufactured in Germany

Integrate without much development effort

The ready-to-install UNIGATE FC combines all components of a 2-Port Industrial Ethernet interface in one module. The enormous reduction of the development effort up to 70-80% holds a siginificant advantage in time-to-market.

Covering an area of only 47-52 mm x 56 mm, the module includes all necessary components such as microcontroller, Flash, RAM, Ethernet switch and passive components such as LEDs and Ethernet jacks. It can be connected to the microcontroller of the termial device, or can operate as stand-alone.

The module handles the entire bus or Ethernet traffic and relieves the terminal device processor of this non-trivial task. The protocol of the terminal device will be implemented with a script. The free of cost PC-tool 'Protocol Developer' generates the script and adapts it perfectly to the final product and the requirements of the bus. Changes to the firmware of the terminal are not necessary.


对于更复杂的应用,不能通过纯配置来表示,我们提供Deutschmann脚本语言,用于UNIGATE模块和终端设备之间灵活的专有协议连接。在免费的Deutschmann软件Protocol Developer的帮助下,您可以控制应用程序和总线系统之间的数据通讯,而不必改变终端的固件。


UNIGATE FC - Overview

  • 70-80 % reduced development effort
  • Optimized Time-to-Market 
  • Assembly consists of standard components
  • Connection to the host processor via UART interface
  • Expandable via the synchronous serial interface e.g. for
    • 'Stand-alone'-mode (without processor applications)
    • Shift-register connection (e.g. LED activation, read-in of switch positions)
    • Analog/digital converter (e.g.: analog sensor, 4-20 mA current loop)
  • Easy integration into your electronics
  • Adaptation of the terminal device firmware is dropped
  • All active components are incorporated, including Ethernet jacks and LEDs
  • Integrated isolation
  • Coverage of multiple industrial Ethernet protocols with just one development
  • Complete PROFINET IO Device interface (Slave)
  • 100 Mbit/s full duplex
  • 32-Bit Microprocessor for fast response time
  • Isolated PROFINET interface 2x RJ45-connector 
  • Integrated 2 port switch (e. g. for daisy chaining)
  • Up to 1440 Bytes input- and 1440 Bytes output data
  • UART up to 520 kBaud

Technical data

(WxDxH in mm)

47-52 x 56 x 18

Voltage supply


Weight approx. 25 g
Current consumption Typ. 550mA
Operating temperature Industrial temperature range from -40°C up to +85°C
Operating-/Transport temperature -40°C ... +100°C
Fieldbus functions All specified PROFINET functions
Interface 2x UART, 1x SPI/Syn. serial
Technology 32-Bit-Processor
Certification PI (precertified)


订货名称 描述 订货号
UNIGATE FC-PROFINET 2Port All-In-One Single-Chip Interface for PROFINET 2Port, 3,3V V3851